Pop Up Jewellery established in 2016 and began with a £5 ikea table, one hammer and one torch.  Since then I have created a jewellers with my clients at the heart of my business and a more sturdy workbench!

I take my inspiration from the 1920s Art Deco time period and geometric shapes which has always been two things which have interested me.  With all my designs they begin with a sketchbook and doing sketches of potential designs.  Once a final design has been decided on I then take it to the workbench where I individually hammer, saw, polish and file every individual piece of jewellery meaning your jewellery has been individually made just for you!

Thank you for taking a wee read about Pop Up, if you would like to know more just send me a wee message!


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F R E E   D E L I V E R Y   O N   O R D E R S   O V E R  £50