Pop Up Jewellery established in 2016 and began with a £5 ikea table, one hammer and one torch.  Since then I have created a jewellers with my clients at the heart of my business and a more sturdy workbench!

I take my inspiration from the 1920s Art Deco time period and geometric shapes which has always been two things which have interested me.  With all my designs they begin with a sketchbook and doing sketches of potential designs.  Once a final design has been decided on I then take it to the workbench where I individually hammer, saw, polish and file every individual piece of jewellery meaning your jewellery has been individually made just for you!

Here are some wee questions I get asked!

1. Where did you study?
- I studied at City Of Glasgow College! College was one of the best times of my life, my lecturers where amazing and so supportive of me starting Pop Up! 

2. How did you get started?
- In college! I decided to start my business during my last year of college.  Once I got some pieces together I started attending local markets, then a website and slowly started making a name for myself!

3. Why Art Deco?
- I love the 1920's, I think is is such a timeless time period! I also love the inspiration it gives me in regards to the geometric shapes.

4. Do you only work around Art Deco?
- Not always! My personal designs are very Art Deco inspired but I do take commissions which is usually so different from my usual work which is brilliant as it gives me a chance to explore different designs and styles.  You can see some of my custom work here.


F R E E   D E L I V E R Y   O N   O R D E R S   O V E R   £50