Welcome to Pop Up Jewellery

Pop Up Jewellery established in 2016 and began with a £5 ikea table, one hammer and one torch.  Since then we have created a jewellers with our clients at the heart of our business and a more sturdy workbench!

We take our inspiration from the 1920s Art Deco time period, there is something about the straight lines and shapes within shapes concept that always has us buzzing with new ideas!

All our work is individually made in sterling silver, so we always like to think when we are working on a design we are specifically making it for someone.. they just haven't bought it yet!


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D U E  T O  C O V I D 19   P L E A S E   A L L O W   A N   E X  T R  A  3-4  D A Y S   F O R   D E L I V E R Y