"Our bespoke wedding rings from Pop Up Jewellery are absolutely stunning!  We are so happy with the result and the whole experience was great!


We were quite specific on what we wanted but had no idea how to go about it.  Claire, who created our rings, made the whole process easy and enjoyable.  She took onboard all our wishes and advised the best way to create what we wanted within our budget.


We would definitely recommend Pop Up Jewellery to anyone looking for beautiful jewellery and great service!  Thanks again for all your help and our beautiful wedding rings, they will be cherished forever.




Ordered my custom made ring to celebrate my retirement. Claire consulted with me every step of the way and created my silver and garnet masterpiece!
Stylish,unique and comfy...i wear it every day and it looks just as lovely and sparkly as the day i got it ! Pop Up Jewellery creates wonderfully crafted and personal jewellery as well as it being great fun to wear. I can't recommend Pop Up enough...for everyday to customised pieces .... they are value for money and practical. Im already thinking about my next commission piece to be honest. Pop Up jJwellery is just the best you can get...treat yourself ..you wont regret it !!


Working on this wave ring really made me think! By using thick rectangle wire I sawed the waves into the ring, that was the easy part! The hard part was making sure that where I soldered the two matched up perfectly! 
Although I have to say I had the best time polishing this ring! Getting it to that mirror finish, for taking the final photo I liked the idea of having this pristine shiny ring somewhere urban for contrast!




If I have ever worried about getting a piece of jewellery perfect it would be this! This necklace was to match earrings I had previously made for the client and the tricky part was when I sawed out those facial features that they were prominent when you looked at the moon and did not get lost! 
To finish off this necklace the client asked me to add this gorgeous amethyst bead




My client had this exciting theme of stars and moons which I fell in love with! Going from working in squares and triangles to moons and stars was exciting, it was such a lovely change!
These wee studs are smaller than a pinky nail! I thought sawing out that tiny star was going to be troublesome but after a few deep breaths I ended up with three sets of studs that are gorgeous! 

F R E E   D E L I V E R Y   O N   O R D E R S   O V E R   £50