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I have been incredibly lucky over the years to work with some amazing people to turn their ideas into pieces of jewellery - not only do I get to work with my clients and get to know them better I also get to have fresh change of working on something different than my usual geometric style! 

Here you can find some of my recently custom orders and a few reviews!

Dark Light Green Neutral Minimalist Line Elegant Face Wash Product Review Instagram Post (
Dark Light Green Neutral Minimalist Line Elegant Face Wash Product Review Instagram Post (

S T A C K I N G   S E T

I have jewellery ideas and Claire manages to make them beautifully. She suggests amazing  designs, but is happy to work with me and asks for my input. She is open to suggestions and is happy to make any changes l ask for if possible. Her lovely outgoing personality and outstanding customer service have made me return many times . Having bespoke jewellery made is an affordable luxury and Claire is happy to accommodate your budget. I plan on having more pieces made by Claire.

W E   D O !

I have been so lucky to be apart of this couples journey! From the making of the engagement ring to now their wedding rings I was so honoured to make these rings!

T R E A T I N G   Y O U R S E L D

I cannot recommend Claire’s commission pieces enough!!! I got a stunning retirement ring made nearly 3 years ago and despite daily wear it’s as good as new !!! Claire fully involved me in discussion and was able to show me my options when I couldn’t really visualise them

Dark Light Green Neutral Minimalist Line Elegant Face Wash Product Review Instagram Post (

How Do I Go About Ordering?

You don't need to have a full idea and drawings ready to talk about a custom order - all you need is an idea and I do the rest of the work for you! When you come to Pop Up for a custom order here is a wee rundown of how it would go:

1. The initial chat
- We begin with a wee chat where we discuss what ideas you have and at this point I ask you questions about how big you would like your design or if there is anything you really want in your design such as if you wanted earrings and you would really like them as hook earrings

2. Sketch & Prototype
- After our chat I go away and work on a sketch of your design, it is at this point I always say ''The more you tell me what you like and don't like the better design I can give you!'' 

If you are happy with your sketch I will go and make a wee prototype of your design usually in brass for you to physically have an idea of what it will look like.  It is also at this stage I give you a price for your piece - please note sometimes the price will change depending on if I we need to make changes but you will always be informed of any price changes.

3. Sign off and payment
- Once you have seen your sketch and prototype and have happily signed off on everything, I send you a wee invoice.  Please note I only begin work on your design once the invoice has been paid

*Before asking about a custom order please make sure to read our terms and conditions*

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