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As much as I adore silver sometimes we all like a little bit something different, which is why I have now offered some items to come gold plated!

Before purchasing some of my gold plated pieces please have a wee read over this page to give you more of an idea of your gold plated jewellery!

1.  What is gold plating?
- Gold plating is where your silver jewellery is given a thin coating of gold, the best way to think of it is like a thin coat of paint!

2. Does your plating contain nickel?
- No, I go to a respected jewellers in Glasgow to do my plating and they do not use nickel in their plating.

3. Will my plating wear off?
Sadly yes! Certain areas of your jewellery will strip off the plating over time and some places on jewellery may strip quicker for example:
If you are wearing gold plated stud earrings the plating on the pin will come off first, this is because you will be putting on and taking off your earring backs which will strip the plating. 
This also goes for rings, the more you take it off and put it on will wear down the plating.

4.  How long does a plating last?
- A plating can last a while depending on the care you give.  I suggest not wearing in shower, keeping away from chemicals and keeping your jewellery in the box when not being worn.

5. Can I get my pieces replated?
- Yes! Just send me a wee email and I will speak to you about how we can get your pieces replated. 

6. What do you think of your plated pieces?
- Before even considering bringing plated pieces out to sell I made sure to test them on myself first.  The first piece I ever got plated was my mini diamond studs which you can see on this page.  I wore them religiously for over a month and found the only problem was that the plating faded slightly on the earring pin.  The base on the earring which was the diamond had no fading.  

7.  What metal is underneath the plating?
- The base metal on your jewellery will be sterling silver.  Nothing will change on how they are made, I will make the jewellery exactly like I always have the only difference this time is the plating!

8.  What is the earring pins, earring hooks and chains made of?
- The earring pins and butterfly scroll backs will be sterling silver which will be plated.  The hook style earrings will be also be gold plated.  In regards to chain these will be 9crt gold chain. 

9.  Why isn't all your items gold plated?
That is because with each of my designs I will gold plate and then stress test them myself which is why there is limited gold plated pieces.  But don't worry I will be adding more!


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