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This earring hooks on the top of your ear and goes through the bottom of your pierced ear just like a normal earring.

Origionally this was a custom order for my fellow dog mom friend but I loved it so much I made my own with a heart and then decided to add this style to the website!

I have answered a few FAQ on these earrings in the additional information section.

Ear Climber

  • 1. What size of ear does it fit?
    - My ear is around 5.5cm and the length of the earring is 7cm so this earring should fit most sizes but if you would prefer to have your earring made smaller or bigger just get in touch!

    2. How does is stay up?
    - Thee wee hook which hooks around the top of your ear is what keeps it sitting upright, you can also pinch this hook section to tighten it or make it looser

    3. How thick is the wire?
    - The thickness of this wire used in the earrings is 0.90mm which is not that thick for an earring. If you have bought stud earrings from me before the earring pins I use is 0.80mm so there is not much of a difference in wire thickness

    4. Is it comfy?
    - I would say yes! Although I will be honest if you have never worn this style before it will feel a bit different the first time wearing it - just because its a new style than used too! After a while of wearing it I have found I don't even remember its in anymore!

    5. Will my hair pull it out?
    - So I have really long hair that I am constantly scraping back and found it stayed in place all day. The only issue I had was when I wore my mask and taking it off, it caught once or twice on my mask.

    Have any other questions regarding the new ear climbers feel free to ask away!

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