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Living In Lockdown

Hiya sunshine’s! Right now we are all having a time of it, and if you are like me and on your 8th box of cookies and watching the clock to take your routine daily one hour walk then I think this is the blog for you. Since the lockdown I have been looking for ways to keep busy and worrying how my wee business is going to survive, then I realised instead of worrying and panicking why not take this time I have and use it to my advantage. Maybe not make as many sales but find other ways to fill my time. Here is how I have been surviving the lockdown: 1. I Took Up Hula Hooping - So I am usually at my bench all day or babysitting my wee brother. So I don’t actually have much time to exercise! (Best excuse ever) Although before the lockdown I bought a weighted hoola hoop and since then have became a hula hooping Goddess! Having 20-40 minutes of doing something not work related/lockdown related has helped me break the day up! 2. I Used My Scrap Silver - Right now you can see I am sadly not taking orders, this is due to my silver supplier not taking anymore orders currently! So I started playing around with what I have.. which is an enormous amount of scrap silver. My first scrap silver design are these lovely wee studs, melting down all the silver to create a dome I then filed little facets into them to give them a more geometric look!

3. I Made A Routine - I am a creature of habit, when I started working from home I knew I would get distracted by the evils of Netflix! So I got myself into a wee routine of starting work at 10, finishing at 5pm and I brought this into the lockdown so now even though I can not do as much work I added in a few extras such as: - Hula Hooping - Longer Dog Walks - Playing Spyro and Crash Bandicoot (Reliving my childhood here) - Cooking These things do seem a bit normal but by sticking to them each day I have got myself into a wee routine

4. I Learned To Cook - When I first moved into my house 4 years ago my dish for a few months was.. boiled chicken and a jar of hunters sauce. This is what my partner and I lived on for months and personally I think I have now put him off boiled chicken for life! My cooking skills have gotten better since then and I have used this time to learn more such as chilli, egg fried rice and a few others. Basically I am Nigela in the making! 5. I Breathed - When the lockdown started I went straight into panic more. I was terrified of losing my business, and also how I would deal with not seeing my wee brother who I see almost 5 times a week! But then I realised, I have an amazing wee list of clients who even if they don’t purchase anything at the time they still like my photos, comment on them and even read my blog post to show me they still care. Also facetime is a thing and now when you ask my wee brother who is in his family he says my name first! So that is how I am surviving lockdown, eating too many cookies, hula hooping them off, writing blog posts, melting silver and facetiming my wee brother. How are you all keeping sunshine’s, what have you been doing to keep busy in lockdown?


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