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Dear Confidence

Running your own business is very rewarding, for me my business is the most amazing thing in my life and I could not be without it! But it can also be difficult at the best of times, from getting your name out there to keeping up with orders, there is always something to deal with. One of the struggles I deal with in business is my confidence. The reasons why I have decided to write this very personal post is because I know a lot of people who struggle with confidence and I want to show them that they are not alone.

We all struggle. All that matters is how we get back up.

So as usual, put the kettle on and have a read at my tips and steps to boost your confidence.

1. Do not compare yourself There are thousands of businesses out there and yes for a newbie it can be daunting. Although what I found, when I was trying to find myself, was that the people I was comparing myself to had ten years of experience on me. So don’t compare yourself, find your own style, be your own brand and remember those business owners such as Thomas Sabo or Brenda Halligan you look up to? They were newbies too.

2. One bad day does not mean the end of all days One day I tried a stall in a community centre that was hosting a kid’s fun afternoon, thinking because it was a crowded event I would make great sales but after four hours I left that stall with nothing and was ready to throw it all away. Luckily my genius mother talked me into taking on one more stall before I called it quits. That second stall I had sold out.

Of course I didn’t get any sales at that first stall! My customers were too busy worrying about their children running around to have time to look at my necklaces, rings and earrings. But the second stall? It was in an area where my customers were out enjoying themselves, relaxing and treating themselves to a girly day out.

Just because one path leads to a dead end doesn’t mean every path does. In business making mistakes is a positive thing. It means you can learn from them and grow.

3. You’re allowed to have a wee greet! Whoever says you have to be a stone cold statue and never show emotion in business is definitely off my Christmas card list!

Everyone needs a time out.

Everyone needs to feel frustrated.

Everyone needs a little cry.

If you have never cried whilst running your business then please give me your email address because I want some tips! So let yourself be what you are. Not a designer. Not an accountant. Not a business owner. But a human being.

In my family we say ‘You are allowed one day, one day to cry and feel sorry for yourself. But after that you get back up and you deal with your business.’

If you’re having a rough day today, go have a wee greet, then get back up and carry on with what YOU love doing.

4. Be Yourself

One of my clients once said to me ‘You buy the jeweller and then you buy the jewellery’ and this could not be more true! By being myself (chatty, bubbly and not posh in any sense) I find that clients stay for a few minutes after their purchase to speak to me about who the jewellery is for, or where they are going to wear it. That’s my favourite part, hearing their stories and often their memories of the East End of Glasgow.

So say NO to being fake, say NO to accents you can’t keep up with and say YES to the person looking back at you in the mirror. Why be someone else? You are probably lovely just the way you are.

Reading back this post it makes me want to put Eye of the Tiger on and go make a business deal! I hope you feel the same reading this. Or maybe even know you’re not entirely alone in business and this post gave you confidence or at least made you smile.


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