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Art Deco

It all started in The Card Factory while I was Christmas shopping.

While carrying around bags and trying to keep my hood up from the rain even though I still looked like a soaking wet mess I never knew on this day I would find the inspiration for my new collection and furthermore I never knew I would find it next to the wrapping paper.

The 1920s was always a time period I adored, the flapper women, the lifestyle, the artist Tamara De Lempicka making a name for herself as a women in the art world and even the gangster novels that this time brought out. To me the 1920s was a time of a great depression that was surrounded by glitz and glamour.

But it was the architecture and artwork that caught me most. The bold use of gold and intricate lines that would form shapes within shapes. Looking at Charles Rennie Mackintosh you can see in his art that there is not just circles but squares, ovals, diamond and semicircles.

The Square Necklace was one of the first designs I ever made for the Art Deco Collection. It was what I called a ‘feeler’ piece to see if I could work with the materials and if I really did love making the collection as much as I loved designing them.

After the creating the Square Necklace I found that I could not stop sketching more designs and with each design concept I kept falling more in love with the new Collection. At one point I had 30 design sketches and the process of elimination to narrow it down to 8 took at least one glass of wine and a personal pep talk!

Not only did the Art Deco Collection bring with it new ideas it also brought a breath of fresh air to Pop Up Jewellery Ltd. I felt these designs where so fresh that it made me want to change things such as bringing in a logo, changing stall layouts, new business cards and even taking (trying) more professional images of the pieces. The Art Deco Collection made me want to push Pop Up Jewellery Ltd more, make it better all while still keeping it the friendly jewellers my clients have come to know.

Showcasing my Art Deco Collection to the public was terrifying! I had spent months and taken time off from stalls and production to pour everything into the Art Deco and I was worried how the public would react to it and if my existing client base would like the new designs.. But in the end all my failure worries where nothing but worries. The Art Deco Collection has been a huge success and I cant thank my existing clientele and new clients enough!


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