One of my lockdown makes! These wee studs are made from all my scrap silver, melting it down into a dome and then filing little facets to create this geo look!  These wee studs mean a great deal to me as they were made during the lockdown and gave me inspiration to keep going on with my wee business!

At Pop Up Jewellery every piece of jewellery I make is handmade from the sketching to the boxing it away, I always like to think when I am making a piece it is specifically for someone... they just haven't got it yet!


Recycle Studs

  • I aim to have your jewellery to you within 10 working days of your order, this time could change depending on how large your order is and if there is any special requirements! 


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 F R E E  D E L I V E R Y  O N  O R D E R S  O V E R  £50