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Starting to saw out designs into silver sheet has opened me up to make so many new designs and these Deco Studs are one of them! There is somthing about carefully sawing out each piece that is really theraputic!

Thickness - 1.00mm (Lightweight)
Material - Sterling Silver
Earring Style - Butterfly Back

At Pop Up Jewellery every piece of jewellery I make is handmade from the sketching to the boxing it away, I always like to think when I am making a piece it is specifically for someone... they just haven't got it yet!

- Keeping your Jewellery Clean -
1. Do not wear in shower
2. Keep away from creams/cleaning products
3. Clean with a polish cloth to bring the shine back
4. Keep your jewellery in its box when not being worn

Deco Square


    D U E  T O  C O V I D 19  &  A  S U P P L I E R  I S S U E  W E  W I L L   N O T  B E   T A K I N G  A N Y M O R E   O R D E R S  U N T I L  A P R I L  28TH