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Circles are such a nice shape to work with and there is so many different things you can do with the shape, with my other circle designs I usually use round wire but I though using square wire would keep these earrings soft but with a bit of edgyness!

Thickness - 1.00mm (Lightweight)
Material - Sterling Silver
Earring Style - Butterfly Back 

At Pop Up Jewellery every piece of jewellery I make is handmade from the sketching to the boxing it away, I always like to think when I am making a piece it is specifically for someone... they just haven't got it yet!

- Keeping your Jewellery Clean -
1. Do not wear in shower
2. Keep away from creams/cleaning products
3. Clean with a polish cloth to bring the shine back
4. Keep your jewellery in its box when not being worn

Circle Studs


    D U E  T O  C O V I D 19  &  A  S U P P L I E R  I S S U E  W E  W I L L   N O T  B E   T A K I N G  A N Y M O R E   O R D E R S  U N T I L  A P R I L  28TH