Just like the Circle Necklace and Circle Earrings I love the hammered effect, I also love how this ring can be worn as a stand alone ring but also as a stacker 

When ordering rings please note that it is best to get your finger sized with me that way you can be sure for the best fit possible. Alternatively you can order a free ring sizer which I will post out to you, once we have found your measurements I can begin work on your ring! 

When sizing your finger please keep in mind:
1. Your fingers can swell due to temprature so size throughout the day to get the most common size
2. This is not as accurate as us sizing your finger, although we will do our best to get you the perfect size. All rings are returnable within 28 days.

Wire Thickess: 1.70mm
Material: Sterling Silver

Bash Ring

Ring Sizer


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    D U E  T O  C O V I D 19   P L E A S E   A L L O W   A N   E X  T R  A  3-4  D A Y S   F O R   D E L I V E R Y