The Gate is Closed

This blog is dedicated to everyone who wonders ''where did that come from?'' so this is a wee sneek peek into how Pop Up Jewellery Ltd works!

Using the East End of Glasgow as inspiration can be a blessing and a curse! A curse because there is so much inspiration around me that I can not decide what to focus on... although sometimes I am blessed to be wandering around and my design focus just walks right into me!

Walking through Alexandria Parade I found this decaying fence - which I ended up falling in love with!.. that day I went home and I found that I couldn't get it out my head. An hour later I was back with my camera snapping pictures and I found that with each picture came a new design concept.

All designers work and think differently, with me I know from the get go if a topic will make a great design concept. If I have seen something that I cannot stop thinking about and it keepings going around in my head I know then that I have something to being working on.

Before the production process there is always the design process - above are the initial design sketches relating to the gate.

A wee note from a designer (me) - When I think something I finished, it never is. With all of my designs before I send them out to show you all I take a final image and examine it once more. Making sure the design components match the piece. -Example - ''The above gate necklace is a perfect stand alone pendant although it could be refined even more if we add hooks on to the top end for the chain to snake through - I think it would not only compliment this pendant but also refer it even more back to its ''gate'' inspiration''


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