A Walk Through The City

It was a friend of mine who suggested blogging my journey as the owner of Pop Up Jewellery Ltd, documenting my inspirations and the adventures I have running my jewellery business.

As a designer I have always been inspired by the city - but more importantly my city, my Glasgow. Not the tourist areas, or the fancy coffee shops you are told to go to when you visit but the areas you would only find if you where from Glasgow or you found wandering around. These are the real sights of Glasgow. Sights that I found wandering around city centre today.

Going to the one lane I knew I would find great images I ended up wandering down Mitchell Lane, the home to the lighthouse gallery hosting some of our own Charles Rennie Mackintosh work.

Wabi Sabi: Finding the beauty in something destructive or unsettling to the eye. My camera was shouting at me to take images of these two pieces of street art. The image of the woman blowing the flower was my personal favourite. It is so ironic that this image of delicate flowers turning into windmills is hidden by bins - but honestly, I think the bins add to the picture.

When I began looking into 'The Street' or Glasgow as a design concept I was so captured by road markings, especially double yellow lines. Luckily I was able to capture two images of old double yellow lines and fresh painted ones. The contrast against each image is vibrant its funny how these where taken only a few streets away from each other.

Looking back at these images part of me forgot how much I loved the city, and not just the buildings but the people, its cracks, its artwork. Writing this blog post has made me want to push Pop Up Jewellery Ltd more, and continue to capture Glasgow's limitless sights.



© All images and designs owned by Pop Up Jewellery Ltd


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