Finding Your Ring Size

A lot of my customers come to me to get their fingers sized for my rings, sadly though sometimes I can not get the chance to size potential customers fingers because they might live a wee bit away. Today I am going to show you how you can size your finger from home and find a size which suites you best! Step One: Get some string - When sizing your finger your need to find the length of how much wire is needed, to find this use string and wrap it around the finger you will be wearing your ring on. Make sure not to wrap your string too tight, your looking for a snug fit.

Step Two: Measure

- Once you have found a size you like, mark off how much you need and then measure the length of that string . When it comes to measurements jewellers will usually work in mm, but don't worry about that! If you measure in cm it will work out just a well. Step Three: Double Check - We all know our fingers swell and go back to normal, the joys! So I would suggest measuring once of twice more to make sure you are getting the same measurement, that way we can stop any wrong sized rings! Step Four: Send me your measurements! - Finally send me a wee email or add your measurements to your notes at the checkout! If you are wanting to purchase one of my rings all I need is this information and I can get soldering and hammering away on your ring!

As a jeweller I am always looking for ways to make things easier for my customers and I had such a light bulb moment when the idea of writing this blog post came into my mind! *Please note this way applies to the current rings on my website, anything thicker will need to be sized differently. *This is also a rough guide, so I will make the ring as close to your given measurements as possible but I may sometimes need to adjust sizes depending on how they fit you!


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